Sweet Notes On Detroit Jazz Fest 2021

DETROIT JAZZ FESTIVAL 2021 – ALL THE FEELS WERE REAL! by Linda Yohn   JAZZistry board member, broadcaster and jazz scholar, Linda Yohn attended the 2021 Detroit Jazz Festival as a member of the press and worked on the livestream hosting team for WRCJ-FM in Detroit.  She shares thoughts and appreciation of the magnificent musicianship and professional production efforts for the virtual Detroit Jazz Festival.  She shares her photos and describes the unusual festival experience […]

About that Chitlin’ Circuit

In the Blue LLama Interview, now screening on the APRIL is JAMming w/JAZZistry page, Vincent talks about his early life. His Dad’s Band and his Grandma’s restaurant were on ‘The Chitlin’ Circuit.” The Circuit–active mostly in the 1930s-60s, developed the talents and fame of many of the breakthrough African American artists of the 60, 70s, and beyond. Learn more about The Circuit through 2 short video-docs, now on the JAZZistry RESOURCES/Classroom Connections page! 

JAMming w/ WEMU-89.1FM

We are thrilled each day to hear the JAZZistry Moments on WEMU-89.1FM this month, with short, fascinating details on the music and the giants who create it. Our pals, the DJs at WEMU take a minute to share some of the stories that make the music even more meaningful. Thanks, WEMU, for your great sounds and support. LIVE STREAM THEM HERE:  WEMU.org

Calling for Courageous, Trusting Converations

Call for Courageous, Trusting Conversations Jazzistry inherently believes that Black Lives and Black History Matter!! We have always worked to demonstrate more inclusive and honest presentations of American history. Jazzistry is a powerful vehicle for opening conversations about racism, slavery, segregation, democratic values and integration. It helps people understand the rewards of our multicultural history and society.  Please read this letter by Jazzistry Board Chair, supported by the entire board. It is a rededication of […]

Vincent York Wins 2020 SEMJA Award

SEMJA has selected saxophonist and educator Vincent York as the recipient of the 2020 Ron Brooks Award. The planned celebration of the award, Sunday, May 17 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 rules.  But plans are underway for an alternative celebration. So, Stay Tuned!  If you have questions, please call 734‑668‑7470.