JAZZistry's 20th RENT PARTY is BAAAACK!!!

Dust off your dancing shoes!!

Vincent York’s JAZZistry’s 20th ‘Annual’ RENT PARTY is being planned for 
Saturday, February 25, 2023, after a 2 year COVID break. 

We are planning a COVID-conscious event: We will limit the audience and number of tables by 30% to allow more space; Vax/boosters and masks are encouraged, especially dancing.


Reserved TICKETS are AVAILABLE through A2Tix.com:


To reserve a TABLE of 10: Please contact us : vincentyorkjazzistry@gmail.com


We had a BLAST at 5:01 with the LLAMA!! THANK YOU, WEMU, for so many Happy Hours!

Vincent York plays live Jan. 6, 2023 @ Blue LLama for WEMU 501 series

Vincent will be SWINGING with 2 of our great co-sponsors-WEMU & the Blue LLama
welcoming in the 2023’s first 5:01 JAZZ Event at Ann Arbor’s beautiful BLUE LLAMA Jazz Club, 314 S. Main St. This event is free and the music goes to 7pm. Sponsored by WEMU, the Band will include:

VINCENT YORK, Saxophones & Woodwinds

OOO how we missed LIVE audiences during COVID restrictions! Your support kept us going and we moved to video recordings for JAZZistry’s ORAL HISTORY PROJECT. We are documenting the lives and mastery of Vincent and the JAZZistry Band members. (See vol. 1 in Videos,)

NOW we are:

  • SIGNING SCHOOLS and SENIOR CENTERS up for live programs for Winter 2023. 

  • Planning our 20th 2023 RENT PARTY for a MARDI GRAS Party! Sat. Feb. 25. Details to follow. 

  • Planning our 10th Annual International Jazz Day Concert at Kerrytown Concert House: APRIL 30.

  • Continuing to release volumes of JAZZistry’s ORAL HISTORY Project in 2023.


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Here are some shots from 2022 JAZZistry shows:

VINCENT YORK & JAZZistry Headlined Blue LLama Jazz Club Sat. AUGUST 27

VINCENT YORK's JAZZistry Headlined the YPSI Jazz FEST July 16

Ypsilanti Michigan Jazz Festival features FREE Live concerts
at RIVERSIDE PARK (in Depot Town)

JULY 16th JAZZistry will headline.

We had a blast, dancing with our friends and neighbors again! The JAZZistry Band took the crowd on a  musical time-travel tracing the evolution of America’s gift to the world: JAZZ!  From New Orleans to Harlem, Spirituals to Motown, Ragtime to Big Bands, Bebop to HipHop we’ll swing under the stars in this terrific program for people just learning about JAZZ.


 The JAZZistry Band includes:

RON  ENGLISH – guitar, banjo, mandolin
RON  KISCHUK – trombone
VINCENT YORK – alto/tenor/soprano sax, flute, clarinet, oboe



Bandcamp and Vincent York: BLENDING FORCES – A MEMORABLE MIX

We are pleased to announce that Vincent York is releasing his recordings on Bandcamp!

Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. You will able to listen to and download Vincent York’s BLENDING FORCES recording, also available in vinyl and CD.

Vincent York's Blending Forces

We are proud to announce VINCENT YORK’s ALBUM RELEASE on BANDCAMP. Check out Linda Yohn’s reflections on the recording and its musical and historical significance.


Linda Yohn's Reflections on Vincent York's BLENDING FORCES

“… Four of the seven musicians who blended their considerable individual forces into a meaningful septet have since transitioned:  trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, pianist Gary Schunk, drummer Lawrence Williams and percussionist Sundiata Keita.  They represented the top Detroit and Ann Arbor jazz talent at the time and still do.  The music is timeless:  richly deserving re-examination.  Two of the Blending Forces musicians continue to swing strong as performers, composers, educators and mentors: leader, saxophonist/flutist Vincent York and bassist Marion Hayden.  Neither has lost any of their 1989 youthful verve.

“… If you invest in a CD, you’ll read about a formative era in Detroit jazz.  Even if you invest in a digital copy, you’ll have music for endless pleasure and inspiration.  Case in point – the song No.3, penned by Vincent’s great friend, drummer/composer Lawrence Williams.  Vincent says there isn’t a day that he doesn’t recall Lawrence with affection, admiration and fascination.  Lawrence’s musical mind was unique and all encompassing.  The ensemble knew when to come together in passionate choruses and when to grant space for genius-level individual expression over Williams’ confounding time signatures and chord structure.  Following No.3 is a piece by another of Vincent’s dear friends: Eugene Thorne….”


SWEET NOTES ON Jazz in Detroit!!

Recent NEWS / Announcing NEW Band Member: Taslimah Bey!


JAZZistry board member, broadcaster and jazz scholar, Linda Yohn attended the 2021 Detroit Jazz Festival as a member of the press and worked on the livestream hosting team for WRCJ-FM in Detroit. She shares thoughts and appreciation of the magnificent musicianship and professional production efforts for the virtual Detroit Jazz Festival. She shares her photos and describes the unusual festival experience on Detroit’s annual Labor Day Weekend tradition.

“When it was announced that the 2021 Detroit Jazz Festival would go to virtual presentation, Detroit jazz fans shed a collective tear.  With COVID cases rising and Detroit Hart Plaza renovation behind schedule, there was no way that festival producers could guarantee safe viewing given social distancing requirements.  Fortunately, the festival team had experience from 2020 and was prepared to improve on last year’s performances and production. 

“Numbers don’t lie and the results are out:  The 2021 Detroit Jazz Festival doubled stream coverage from 2020.  More than 2 million viewers from every continent except Antarctica took in the concerts which could run over 12 hours continuously in a day. …”

Recent NEWS for 2021!

JAZZistry is Thrilled to WELCOME Detroiter TASLIMAH BEY to the JAZZistry Band!!

Taslimah P. Bey, Ragtime Piano Expert

“When I play ragtime, it feels like coming home.” Taslimah P. Bey began studying classical music at age 16, then switched to jazz in her senior year of high school. She started researching ragtime music and the roots of jazz while in college. When Taslimah heard Charlie Gabriel—clarinet and saxophone player with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band—play his horn, the music she had been reading about came alive. She formed Taslimah’s Ragtime Band, which featured the compositions of early ragtime composers, including Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Tom Turpin, Artie Matthews, Harry P. Guy and James P. Johnson. For her efforts in performing the music and lecturing on the lives of these highly talented 20th century American composers, Taslimah received an award for the Preservation of African-American Music from the Society for the Culturally Concerned in Detroit. READ MORE on MUSICIANS page....


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A rare combination of jazz. history and artistry this short film, stars VINCENT YORK & Detroit's MI Central Train Station. It is a double portrait of two old souls. By Yi Cui, 2009. 12 minutes.

Also a Recorded – SPECIAL LIVE ZOOM with Vincent & Yi

JAZZistry's Oral History Project: Blue LLama Interview

Vol. 1: Hear about Vincent's early life on the Chitlin' Circuit and how he began working on his chops & researching JAZZistry when still a kid!

What's Your JAZZistry IQ?: Online Trivia Game

Test your JAZZistry IQ with this fun, multiple choice online trivia game. Full of surprises and you might just learn something cool.

STREAMING: Vincent York's IJD Concert @ Kerrytown Concert House

9th Annual International Jazz Day Concert Kerrytown Concert House

28 Years of Jazzistry in Schools & Beyond

Showcasing the Soundtrack to US History

Jazzistry takes audiences through 400 years of US history, showing how jazz grew out of our shared multicultural heritage. exciting learning in over 400 schools across Michigan.

Diverse Educational Programs

Jazzistry's live multi-media performance is modified for the age and interests of the audience from children and adults, We work across the school curriculum and energize teaching and learning.

Teacher Workshops & Artist Visits

We partner with schools, planning with teachers how to make extra links to the curriculum. Smaller group intro sessions also make extra connections.

Musicians as Story-tellers & Role Models

Jazzistry tells the fascinating stories that surround great American music, our virtuoso musicians are Jazzistorians through music and great stories.

Interactive Shows & Student Performers

Students are always part of the show, especially in our Integrated High School model. which engages students with the Jazzistry Band and production roles for the final school performance,

Concerts & Events

In addition to schools, Vincent York delivers numerous community performances throughout the year. His own straight-ahead jazz band and his Bands For Hire are also active.

See Vincent York's JAZZistry in Action:

Watch the Original JAZZistry Intro Video c. 2004

The 11-minute video features Founding JAZZistry Band, Founding Board Members & First Friends!

Play Video

The original JAZZistry intro video–circa 2004–features founding Board members and our original musicians.
We dedicate this video to our friends who have passed over:

Alma Smith, Countess of the Blues, piano

John Dana, bassist & friend

Also performing:
Dwight Adams, trumpet
Ron English, guitar & banjo
George Bennett, drums

Award Winning Programs

Meet VINCENT YORK Creator, Artistic Director & Bandleader. Plays alto/tenor/soprano saxophones, clarinet, flute, piccolo, oboe

Vincent York portraitBorn into a family of jazz musicians in Vero Beach, Florida, York was introduced to the music of Charlie Parker in the 9th grade. This ignited his exploration and love for jazz history. His research for what became Jazzistry started with the questions: Who most influenced the constantly evolving art form? How did history impact the sound?

He attended Southern University at Baton Rouge as a music education major and became the first jazz studies major under clarinetist Alvin Batiste. After graduate study in classical saxophone at the University of Michigan under Donald Sinta, York toured with the Duke Ellington Orchestra under the direction of Mercer Ellington. In 1977 he formed his own band, Vincent York’s new York Force.

York has recorded and/or performed with noteworthy jazz artists including Ray Charles, Marcus Belgrave, Louis Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Motown stars such as The Temptations, The Four Tops and Aretha Franklin. He was also the musical director for Martha Reeves. 

York has 2 recordings, Vincent York’s new York Force and Blending Forces; the first was voted Best Jazz Album of the Year by MetroTimes.  

York continues to play Straight-Up jazz whenever possible. His performances at The Blue LLama Jazz Club, the Detroit Jazz Festival and other venues, you can hear the depth of his understanding of the foundations of jazz while showing where jazz is headed. York’s concerts and annual performances- including Kerrytown Concert House’s International Jazz Day Concerts– showcase his artistry, composing talents… and continuing development as a virtuoso jazz musician.

"The memory of things gone is important to a jazz musician. Things like old folks singing in the moonlight in the backyard on a hot night, or something said long ago."

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Jazz Great

"Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life."

Image © Chuck Stewart
Art Blakey
Jazz Great

"Our history is in the music and the music IS our history.
You just need to know how to listen to it."

Vincent York
Jazzistry Creator, Jazz Great

"Everyone's got to be different. You can't copy anybody and end up with anything. If you copy, it means you're working without any real feeling. And without feeling, whatever you do amounts to nothing."

Billie Holliday Public Domain
Billie Holiday
Jazz Great

“Jazz is the only unhampered, unhindered expression of complete freedom yet produced in this country.”

duke ellington top hat
Duke Ellington
Jazz Great

"Creativity grows out of two things: Curiosity and imagination."

Benny Goodman Public Domain
Benny Goodman
Jazz Great

"Anything you are shows up in your music - jazz is whatever you are, playing yourself, being yourself, letting your thoughts come through."

ml williams
Mary Lou Williams
Jazz Great

“Every American can be proud of jazz.
It embodies our most admired cultural characteristics —
self expression, spontaneity, boldness and invention!" 

Vincent York portrait
Vincent York
Creator of Jazzistry, Jazz Great

"Jazz objectifies America. It’s an art form that can give us a painless way of understanding ourselves."

Wynton Marsalis
Jazz Great

"Jazz must first tell a story that everyone can understand."

Thelonius Monk
Jazz Great

"Jazz is America’s classical music. It is an American way of playing music."

billy taylor
Billy Taylor
Jazz Great