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See how JAZZistry spent the Pandemic Lock-Down. We have been recording oral histories in the fabulous Blue LLama Club with Vincent York and others, Here is the first installment of Vincent’s Life… after a 5 minute intro to Jazzistry from our original tape. Then, Vincent is interviewed by Linda Yohn and tells tales from his childhood in the orange groves of Florida through his college years. Hear great tales of the greatest musicians on the Chitlin; Circuit with Vincent’s Dad, bandleader Tiny York. Captioned. (2021, 52 mins,)

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A rare combination of jazz. history and artistry this short film, stars VINCENT YORK & Detroit’s MI Central Train Station. It is a double portrait of two old souls. By Yi Cui, 2009. 12 minutes. 

A rare combination of Art, jazz and history in this beautiful story about two old souls. Made in 2009, it stars Vincent York and Detroit’s MI Central Railway Station–prior to its rescue from the wrecking ball by the Ford Motor Co.– it studies the impact of time, goodbyes and maybe the road to resurrection.