Vincent York’s JAZZistry is an unforgettable experience for all audiences, from age eight to 108. History is vividly brought to life by  music that is rooted in our collective American psyche. Great music is the hook and the memory trigger. This is a performance that everyone enjoys … and remembers. 





JAZZistry models creative approaches to standard content areas through collaborative partnerships with teachers. More than a school assembly, JAZZistry engages teachers and school leaders through planning and coordination meetings to expand our connections to the curriculum. Prior to the band’s presentation, we meet with teachers to align JAZZistry’s content with their instructional objectives. JAZZistry helps schools meet state and national curriculum standards.

Jazzistry artist visit kids with Vincent York

ARTIST VISITS in Classrooms

Prior to the Band performance, York co-teaches  classroom groups to introduce JAZZistry to students. The 3-6 sessions reach beyond history and music classrooms– and bridging into science, math, world languages and art classes. It creates a partnership between JAZZistry and the school. Many teachers and students report that JAZZistry is their first exposure to integrated curriculum and rich multicultural content. Teachers also see how teaching through the Arts excites learning.

JAZZistry BAND Show: "The Mothership"

The centerpiece of the program is the expert Jazzistry Band sextet that transforms school auditoriums. Their 45-90 minute performance (geared to the age of the students) is a fast-paced, multi-media experience that moves through 400 years of American history and culture, using the story of jazz  showcasing the evolution of America’s indigenous music and emphasizing America’s multicultural strengths. Student performers and rappers always join the show, which adds to the impact. The performance takes audiences on a swinging adventure through great music and stories  times and who created it. Students–and adults– often  report being motivated to pick up a musical instrument after seeing  the joy and virtuosity of our Band members!

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