Vincent York & JAZZistry have been honored with prestigious awards. We value this recognition. Our greatest motivation comes from the joy we see on the faces of students of all ages.

2021 – Vincent York Inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha's Black Men Hall of Fame

Vincent York was inducted into the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority's Black Men Hall of Fame. He joins a prestigious group of African American men who have made lasting contributions to their communities and our culture. Vincent joins the group's outstanding judges, medical professionals, community leaders and other artists. Thank you, AKA, for recognizes Vincent's unique talents and Jazzistry's significant approach to healing divisions in our country.

2020 – Southeastern MI Jazz Association's Ron Brooks Award

The South Eastern Michigan Jazz Association – SEMJA – awarded its 2020 Ron Brooks Award to Vincent York in March of 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the usual concert was cancelled. The award was presented during York's annual concert for International Jazz Day, April 30, 2021, in Kerrytown Concert House, which was streamed, also due to COVID restrictions.

2016 – National Association for Multicultural Education Founder's Award for Outstanding Multicultural Program

Ann Arbor’s Vincent York’s JAZZistry was awarded the Rose Duhon-Sells Award from the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). Veteran jazz horn virtuoso and educator Vincent York’s JAZZistry program received the prestigious Founder’s Award for Outstanding Multicultural Program. The award was presented at the Annual International Conference of The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) in Cleveland November 9-13 in the Convention Center. Over 26 years, NAME has grown to become the largest activist-educator multicultural organization bridging higher education and preK-12 educators. Over 1,000 educators attended the annual international conference, largely from colleges and universities and local districts. The largest sector of conference attendees are typically schools and colleges of education, including teacher education students. The conference theme is “Multicultural education: The Lens of Equity for All.“ In addition to accepting the award in Cleveland, Jazzistry also performed for the NAME audience in a public show that swings through the centuries as it demystifies the multicultural story of America. The special JAZZistry @ NAME– LIFT EVERY VOICE: A CONCERT OF COLORS included special guests from the ranks of NAME as performers in the show.

2006 – Michigan Governor's "Guvvy" Annual Award for Outstanding Arts Program

Vincent York's Jazzistry of Ann Arbor was selected as the Arts Education Organization Award recipient. Jazzistry will be honored at the 23rd Annual Governor’s Awards for Arts & Culture (The Guvvys), November 13, 2008 at the Detroit Institute of Arts. This award is presented to a Michigan educational organization or institution that has provided remarkable support and advanced art education in Michigan schools. In total, 22 artists, arts and cultural organizations, arts educators and civic and business leaders from across the state of Michigan will be named as Guvvy honorees for their dedication to arts and culture, within 10 different categories. From the nomination packet: "This is a captivating program which holds audiences of students, faculty and staff in elementary, middle school and high school spellbound," said nominator Kenneth S. Burnley, University of Michigan School of Education. "Jazzistry contributes to advancing student and teacher learning through workshops and professional development programs while advocating and supporting the inclusion of arts in the curriculum." From ART SERVE Michigan's Press Release, October 2, 2006

Vincent York's Blending Forces

1998 –Vincent York's Blending Forces: METRO Times Jazz Album of the Year

York plays straight-up jazz with the great players of the Detroit jazz scene: Marcus Belgrave, Marian Hayden, Gary Schunk. METROTimes quoted York, speaking about his days with the Duke Ellington Orchestra: “From the bus we would dress, take out our instruments and play the concert directly. Sometimes, thinking back, it seems like those very conditions, along with talented and gifted musicians, were the key to making the band sound so magnificent.” - Vincent York